Greetings, you might be here because you’re doing research on SEO, trying to figure out if it truly is a legitimate practice, or seeking help to strengthen your current SEO practices.

First, let me lay out a few facts about SEO, first SEO is a legitimate practice. Second, if you pay (or have paid) more than $1,000 (in a single year) to an SEO “expert” you are being taken advantage of. SEO isn’t magic, there are only a number of truly effective SEO methods and when people talk about a “secret sauce” they are really just talking about some fringe practices that are borderline unethical and won’t sustain long term traffic growth.

The only reason you should pay an SEO specialist is for their time, NOT some secret recipe. When I collect payment for doing SEO I am simply charging for the time it takes me to execute standard SEO methods. I have a perfect track record of steady growth through straightforward and honest SEO markup.

Here is Google Analytics traffic data from 3 websites I managed SEO for. As you can see my method works.

Statistic Brain (
When I began SEO on Statistic Brain it received just under 100 unique visits per day. My steady SEO practices increased the average daily visits to over 80,000 in just 2 years.


Airoka (
Airoka is in a competitive online retail space yet again with real SEO methods they are seeing a real increase in search traffic.


Server Network Solutions (
For a small business like Server Network Solutions they can’t afford to waste money on SEO that doesn’t deliver results. After revamping their SEO markup and doing some backlink networking I was able to boost their organic search traffic by 200%.

Have you been thinking of hiring someone to SEO your site? Don’t pay a so called “expert” to do what any knowledgable SEO specialist can do. I charge a flat rate of $500 per year for any website with 10 pages or less (then just $20 per page over 20). I believe in fare value business not intellectual racketeering.

Think about this for a moment. There are over 500,000,000 live websites on the internet, yet right now you are on MY website. That is a testament to my SEO abilities.

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