My Skills


Fullstack Developer
LAMP & MERN (MongoDB / Express / React / Node)

Frontend Web Developer
HTML5, JavaScipt, React, AngularJS, Jquery, AJAX, JSON, Handlebars, CSS5

Backend Web Developer
PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MS SQL, ASP.NET, Java, Linux

Product Manager
Atlassian, LabView, Basecamp, Microsoft Office

Technical Project Manager
RedHat Development

QA and Test Engineer, PCI Compliance, SOX Compliance

Software Developer
Web Browser, Mobile Platforms, Desktop

Application Development Manager
GitHub, Google Developer, Apple Developer

Computer Programmer
Java, Linux, C#, Python

Web Designer
Bootstrap, Adobe Creative Cloud

Email Developer
Campaign Designer

Technical SEO Specialist, Google Web Tools, Page Markup

Web Producer
Semantic HTML

Technical Business Analyst
Data Analysis, Strategic Partnerships


University of California Irvine (UCI)
Advanced Coding Program Certification

University of South Dakota
Business Major

Gateway Computers

Completion of 6 months software and hardware training course

Udemy Online
Completion of coding modules: C#, AngularJS

Code School
Completion of coding modules: ASP.NET, C#

CISSP & ISC² Certification Course

ISACA Member
Orange County Chapter



Google / South State Bank / Joink

2015-Present | Technology Consultant
Procure, implement, and configure all technology equipment and infrastructure to meet specific business and customer-defined requirements.
Develop new technology systems and infrastructure to achieve improved network performance while controlling and reducing the costs of IT operations.
Identify areas of opportunity and initiate new systems via written proposals which includes an initial feasibility study with budget estimates and resource needs.
Responsible for system quality assurance and consistency with security policy and standards.
Lead team to increase the connectivity of Google Apps with SQL Server to eliminate users need for custom integration or application development through SQL Server Integration Services and Google SSIS Components allowing synchronization of data.
Leveraged SSIS workflows for increased connectivity to existing Google Apps via ETL projects. 
Assured quality, security and compliance requirements were met during development lifecycle
including requirements for deployment in all international regions.

Statistic Brain Research Institute : 2004-Present | Senior Software Development Engineer / MERN Stack Developer
Designed the system development lifecycle for web survey applications and data scraping bots.
Managed a team of web developers in developing large-scale MS SQL database systems.
Developed business relations with media partners and data buyers both domestic and international.
Negotiated large ad buys from major Fortune 500 companies and retailers.
Utilized business relationships to merge company IP with Google’s Data Studio.
Lead PHP and Javascript developer in the build out and customization of data CMS.
Lead projects, including assignment of tasks, and provides direction and guidance to all experience levels of internal and sourced staff.

Server Network Solutions : 2012-2014 | Technology Consultant
Worked with multiple enterprise groups to source 3rd parties for consultation and professional services.
Responsible for the hiring and utilization of project managers for risk reviews and project develop specifications and requirements.
Determine the best ways to leverage Google’s existing web applications through the development and implementation of our API.
Produce a System Requirements Analysis, submitted detailed Functional Requirements Document and define and security requirements for executive review.
Participated in overall systems testing. Lead contact during the migration of applications from production to live environment.
Developed new documentation and the creation of technical procedure and design user guides.
Provided guidance and direction to less experienced staff with complex production issues including both application and system escalated issues.
Verified program logic by overseeing the preparation of test data, testing and debugging of programs.

Data Studio 2010-2012 | Senior Software Development Engineer
Development of SSIS components to synchronize SQL Server and business applications for seamless back-office integration.
Utilized advanced knowledge of web technologies; C++, Java, JavaScript, CGI, XML, Node.js, ASP, and database modeling tools to lead the development of major components inside Google’s Data Studio.
Structured the automation and integration process for mass imports, updates, data cleansing, and de-duplication of Google Docs databases.
Implementation of offload queries for operational systems to reduce load and increase performance.
Engineered the connectivity of Google Apps to Analytics for improved business intelligence and decision support by developing cross compatibility with each application database structure.
Developed a comprehensive process for archiving business data and disaster recovery.
Provided technical MS SQL database along with Java and Python code consultation and support in the development of ongoing desktop and web applications.
Designed and implemented the technical specifications and analysis of business requirements for the redesign of Google’s Analytics 360 systems.
Developed original and/or complex code and provided guidance to less experienced staff including modeling, simulations and analysis demonstrations.

MotorTrend 2008-2010 | Chief Architect / Senior SQL Engineer
Chief Architect during MotorTrends partnering with Yahoo! Auto with consideration for security, PCIcompliance, and auto lending best practices.
Lead engineer for the newly merged MotorTrend and Yahoo! Auto data warehouse locations including the development of plans for the west coast data facility.
Created detailed Functional Requirements Document including risk analysis report in the design phases.
Review and approve designs and implementation of changes that directly affect the architectural design.
Provided analysis and written assessments of singular and complex system architecture components for review by approval by executive leadership.
Managed the team responsible for high impact projects pertaining to payments and processing, storage and security of customer PI, and audit reporting.
Tasked with the evaluation of systems specifications to determine and implement the most efficient and cost-effective software/package solutions for customer-facing 3rd party integrations.
Lead in node architecture and participant in all enterprise level activity involving the purchasing and installation of software and hardware, team hiring and structure, and individual team project cycles.
Sourced a BlueHat team to conduct continuous security penetration testing on the system then worked with internal system developers to mitigate potential gaps in security.
Conducted a final design review to ensure designs exceeded efficiency, cost, flexibility, and security before submitting designs to the executive review board.

Vantage Point : 2001-2004 | Senior Software Development Engineer
Created advanced web systems and applications utilizing code languages JavaScript, .Net, Apache, Perl, PHP, ODBC, Ruby, and database platforms PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Express in Linux environments.
Developed major code segments of the tracking algorithm used to identify and analyze site visitor interests by cookie and browser history, increasing average advertisement CTR and user experience.
Designed UX/UI interfaces for Google Adsense internal and customer-facing ad purchasing system.
Conducted manual testing at the module level throughout development lifecycle with security considerations are taken into account.
Regularly called upon to provide direction and training to unseasoned developers during the development and testing phase.

Gateway Computers : 1999-2001 | Software Development Engineer
Collaborated with a team of engineers for Gateway’s new data backup platform “Gateway GoBack”.
Utilized LAMP development stack to design troubleshooting and OS repair software for use on Gateway’s OEM Notebook systems.
Assisted in onboarding new developers to speed up the integration of new team members.
Excelled in troubleshooting and mitigating software issues during the beta and initial release of Gateway’s GoBack System.
Utilized Visual Basic to enhance the internal help desk ticketing system.
Excelled in completing high-level coding projects with tight deadlines.