What Is Agile Software Development and Methodologies?

There are 2 components of an Agile Software Development environment. First are the principles of Agile Software Development and second there are the tools you use to follow these principles.

Agile Development is one of the Paradigms and Models of the Software Development Process

Here are 3 of the top industry tools used to manage Agile Development environments.

Targetprocess (Alexa Rank : 160,000)
Targetprocess is quickly gaining in popularity. It has a more simplistic user interface and utilizes a lot of drap-and-drop functionality. Small development teams can use it for free or companies just pay $20 per user per month. It uses a main project planning area where everything can be clearly visualized. I you want a platform that is more focused on agile development lifecycle than business management then Targetprocess is the best solution.



Mavenlink (Alexa Rank : 38,000)
Mavenlink lands in the middle for popularity, probably because it doesn’t focus on one business solution. If you’re looking for a full range of business needs you may opt for Mavenlink. Along with its core project management feature it also does, accounting, resource management, business intelligence, and team collaboration.



Smartsheet (Alexa Rank : 3,200)
Smartsheets is the most popular of these 3 solutions, probably because it has a single user monthly fee of $14. It claims to be the “Leading SaaS Platform for Managing and Automating Collabroative Work.” Smartsheets is also available in a smartphone and tablet app.